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Revolutionary HD Modeling Line 6 POD HD


100+ M-class effects Revolutionary HD Modeling Line 6 POD HD

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22 HD amp models,
100+ M-class effects.
The right tones will take your playing from good to great. POD HD has them all vintage beauties, modern monsters and classic effects.

The classic shape with a redesigned experience.
Hands-on control, a clear view of your entire signal chain and a form factor perfect for traveling light.

Record your way with essential ins and outs.
Are you a laptop recordist, a garage studio guru or a project studio engineer? Doesnt matter. POD HD will fit

Revolutionary HD modeling.
Colorful clean tones that sparkle and sing with dizzying levels of detail. Crank it up for bone-crushing high-gain tones. Dial back your guitar volume to get sweet-spot breakup from warm, earthy crunch tones. Line 6 HD amp models feel, behave and sound like no others. They contain up to 10 times more amplifier DNA than our previous modeling for a playing experience that can only be described as HD.

Behind the full-bodied tone of every HD amp model is a story thats just as rich.

Not just a software editor/librarian.
POD HD Edit is a powerful and essential control panel for POD HD thats available for download at Its separate sections for FX, Amps, Mixer and Set Lists allow you to reach deep into every aspect of your tones and experiment with sounds.

Trade-up your tone.
At, you can trade POD HD presets with other Line 6 users. Show off your creations and download to your hearts content its totally free.

Simultaneous FX
Sometimes a hint of reverb just isnt enough. You can emulate classic effect setups or create the lushest soundscapes by layering effects. POD HD desktop offers an insane amount of sonic possibilities with up to eight simultaneous effects and flexible routing.

Dual Tone.
Want to create a unique tone by playing through two rigs at once? POD HD desktop can handle that all by itself. You can route your guitar signal through two different chains of models, pan them hard left and right, or do whatever you want. Or, using the 1/4-inch aux input or XLR mic input you can process two different input signals at once.

Built-in tuner.
Necessary, accurate, perfect. All POD HD multi-effect products come with a built-in, easy-to-read tuner. When engaged, the tuner features Audio Mute for silent tuning.


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