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Multi-Effects for Bass AX3000B


Powerful Modelling and Multi-Effects for Bass


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The Korg Toneworks AX3000B Bass Multi Effects is a comprehensive amp modelling and multi-effects unit specifically for bass guitar. With so few options for bass multi effects, this unit is a good option although now discontinued. The front panel incorporates a backlit LCD display and LED digits, retro-style chicken-head knobs for effect selection, and matrix-style parameter editing knobs. This makes the unit very tweakable and easy to program. For real-time control, there are 7 foot switches and an expression pedal which features an LED level display alongside. The whole unit is housed in a rugged steel case with aluminium end cheeks and is well suited to survive the rigours of live work. The back panel I/O is reasonably comprehensive and includes MIDI IN and OUT sockets. There is also an S/P DIF OUT optical digital connection (which has not been tested) for audio connection to suitable devices. This unit is dead easy to use, with all effects tuned to bass frequencies. If you are a bass player used to using guitar multi-effects you will certainly notice the difference a dedicated unit makes, particularly with pitch-sensitive effects.


Power Supply

Powered by a 9VDC adapter (minimum 250mA) with barrel type connector, 5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID, 10mm long centre negative (not supplied).


This item is used but has been tested and is in full working order, in excellent condition and housed in a steel/aluminium box. There are one or two signs of wear and tear on the painted section and on the aluminium end cheeks. Please view the photographs to judge for yourself on the physical condition.


A 90 day reasonable use warranty is included. Please see our TERMS and CONDITIONS for details of our standard warranty.

User Manual

The user manual is available for download: CLICK HERE.

Manufacturers Description


Many thanks for adding the TONEWORKS Modeling Signal Processor AX3000B to your sonic arsenal. Whether you’re playing live or recording in the studio, we’re sure it’ll give you countless hours of great bass tones that will feel as good as they sound!

To maximize your chances of enjoying a long and toneful relationship with your AX3000B, please read this manual at least once, and (as they say), “use the product as directed.” Keep the manual for future reference after you’ve read it; you’ll want to re-read it later at some point to pick up cool tips you may have missed the first time around.


  • Detailed and powerful modeling sounds delivered by Korg’s “REMS” modeling technology.
  • 72 different modeling effect variations are built-in, and you can use up to seven different effects simultaneously (including noise reduction). You can also use insert effects at the same time.
  • Use the effect model select knobs to instantly change your selection for each of the five effect categories (pre-effect, drive/amp, modulation, delay, reverb).
  • You can connect your own external effect device(s) as an insert effect.
  • A sound you create using the AX3000B’s modeling effects (including the on/off status of an external effect) can be saved as a “program.” Internal memory can hold 96 of your own original programs, and 32 preset programs are provided.
  • There’s also an Individual Mode that lets you use the foot switches to individually turn each effect on/off.
  • You can assign the expression pedal to control a variety of effect parameters, as well as using it as a wah pedal or volume pedal — a great feature for live performances.
  • There’s a Quick Assign function that makes it easy to assign parameters to the expression pedal.
  • The AX3000B features an Expression Step Sequencer (abbreviated as ESS in this manual) that provides step control of a variety of effect parameters, giving you new possibilities of sounds that were unavailable until now.
  • The delayed sound can be maintained when you switch between programs that have the same delay type and TIME parameter settings. (The HOLD function of HOLD DELAY or the FREEZ function of the FREEZ effect assigned to the control switch will be cancelled at this time.) Reverb can also be maintained when you switch between programs of the same reverb type.
  • The AX3000B provides a control switch that allows you to do things like set the delay time via TAP TEMPO, switch insert effects on/off, or switch the speed of a rotary speaker … again, must-have features for live performance.
  • An Auto Chromatic Tuner with a highly-visible LED indicator is built-in, letting you tune while bypassed or muted.
  • AUX IN jacks let you play along with the playback from a connected audio device.
  • S/P DIF optical output jack and MIDI IN/OUT jacks provide great potential for recording and expansion.
  • You can use the “AX3000B Sound Editor” editor/librarian software to visually edit the AX3000B’s numerous parameters, and to save programs. Contact a Korg distributor in your country for details on how to obtain this software and about its operating requirements. You can download the software from the following website, or your local distributor’s website.


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