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Smoke Machine L Size SG MIMETIKL


Smoke machine MIMETIK 1200W


Sold out!

MIMETIK L is a smoke machine, with a new and innovative design, suitable for applications in medium and small-sized settings such as clubs and stages, where an ambient effect is required with appropriate smoke dispensing. The machine has 1200W power and is equipped with wire control with timer and a wireless radio control.

Technical Specifications MIMETIK Large


  • Smoke effect

Control and programming

  • Radio remote controller included
  • Wired remote controller
  • Heating time: 6 min
  • Continue output time: 20 sec.

Structure and cabinet

  • Metal housing
  • Adjustable bracket
  • Led indicator for ready to smoke
  • High performance pump for long-range
  • External tank: 0,9 liters
  • IP rating: IP20
  • For best applications and correct function we recommend using Sagitter fluids

Power supply

  • Input Voltage: AC~230V, 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 1200W

Weight and dimensions

  • Net weight: 5,5 kg
  • Dimensions: 260x380x140 mm


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