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LED Effect Light – Sagiter SG ROOMRAY


Sound mode multiray laser RED/Green effects

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Laser projector designed for the casual user who wants to decorate its spaces with small indoor visual effects. With an RGB LED source you can create a luminous background to project where the many flower macro laser red and green. A convenient IR control (included) will ensure maximum ease of use and the choice of the implementation of the lighting effect.

Technical Data Room Ray

Light source


RG laser (150mW red – green 50mW)

Source average LED life:> 50,000 hours

Color system

LED source RGB

Laser: red – green


Effect colored background

Laser effect multiray red / green

Control and Programming

Sound mode with adjustable microphone sensitivity via IR remote (included)

Automatic mode called up via IR remote (included)

Structure and moving body

Structure in black plastic

Single bracket for ceiling mounting or support

Degree of protection IP 20


Input Voltage: 12V DC

consumption 15W

Weight and size

Net Weight: 0.45 kg

Dimensions: 115x130x80 mm


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