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Laser Effect WIith Multi ray LED Strobe Light


Spider Type  Laser Effect With Multi ray LED Strobe Light


Sold out!


Three in one, thisisthe Spideray by SDJ. One effect encloses: a powerful white light strobe generated by 8 high
power LED sources with many macro effect sre called as desired, a central red/green flower laser with a wide
lighting effect extension and finally, a unit for generating blades of lighting the external perimeter, powered by a
powerful full colour RGBWA LED source with a wide selection of preset colours and shades. DMX control and
sound mode can be selected and adjusted directly from the projector.

Ligh t sou r ce 5x3W led RGBWA Ful l Color 8X1 led Cold White Laser RG (r ed
150m W -green 50m W) LED lifespan: >50.000h

Color syetem LED sou rce 5
in 1 RGBWA Fu l l Color Strobe led sou rce: Cold White Laser: r ed -green Effects
Linear Dim m er 0-100% Electronic strobe: 1-25 flashes/swithadju stable speed
Continue and select able rotation in both directions Multi ray laser effect
r ed/green Control an d progr am m i n g 1 DMX configuration available: 9
channels Protocol USITT DMX 512 Master / Slave m ode Sou nd m ode with
adjustable mic sensitivity Automatic m ode with 6 different program switch
adjustable speed Structure and cabinet Metal housing, black color Red
LED display Mounting points: adjustable bracket and safety ring 3-poles XLR
in/out connection IP rating: IP 20Power supply Input Voltage: AC~100-
240V 50/60Hz Power consumption 66W Power IN connection with VDE sock et
Power suppl y cable 1,5 mt included Weigh t an d dimensions Net
weight: 1,8 kg Dimensions: 250x250x165 m m



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