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Digital Key Controler VocoPro KJ-6000


2 Channel, 4 Mic Input Mixer With Digital Key Control and Vocal Eliminator

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The rack-mountable VocoPro KJ-6000 karaoke mixer enables you to cue or crossfade like a pro between two separate music sources and enjoy great echo effects and key control. It features two channels and can handle a turntable, line audio (CD players) and video sources. It also comes with a total of four microphone inputs–including an XLR–mixed by two separate level, equalization, and echo control panels. There’s also a Vocal Eliminator feature that can remove the vocals in the center of a mix on a professionally recorded CD.

Key Features and Specifications

  • 2 channels with a total of 4 input choices, CD/PHONO, and AV each
  • Professional style crossfader
  • 4 microphone inputs, including one XLR and three 1/4-inch
  • 2 separate mixed Level and EQ controls; one control panel for each pair of mics/adds the equivalent of 2 additional channels
  • Echo and Key Control switchability for each mic pair
  • On-board video selection toggle for easy video switching
  • 2 video inputs and 2 video outputs for multi-screen video options
  • Key controller with jog dial
  • Digital Echo with Repeat and Delay controls for vocal enhancement
  • Vocal Cancel and Partner Modes for multiplex recordings
  • Vocal Eliminator mode for standard CD vocal cancellation (results may vary with each CD)
  • DSP effect presets for musical enhancement
  • 3-band graphic equalizer for precision room tuning
  • RCA Master 1 and 2 outputs and Record outputs for total integration with your system
  • Headphone jack for professional quality cues, previewing, and practicing


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