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Coaxial Noiseless Instrument Cable HPC110BK -100m


Coaxial noiseless instrument/effects cable with Ø 6.4 mm. PVC flexible overall jacket – O.F.C. (Oxygen Free Copper). Black color.

Brand – PROEL

Sold out!


Coaxial cable featuring a very thick pure copper shield, designed for connecting guitars, keyboards, amplifiers, mixers, effect pedals and any audio signal processing devices. Very low capacitance, strong and flexible overall jacket, double shielding with conductive thermoplastic material and very thick upper copper spiral. A thick PE insulation makes it an ideal cable for all applications liable to mechanical tensions of the cable (e.g. guitar/amplifier connection)colors: Black


  • Application fields: Musical instrument connection / Multieff ect/mixer connection
  • Conductors: Bare copper – 23 AWG = 30 x 0.10 mm (0.25 mm2)
  • Insulation: PE Ø 1.8 mm
  • Shield: (cable) Spiral Flexible copper 16x3x0.10 95%
  • Jacket:
  • Conductor: High-conductive graphite jacket Ø 2.40 mm
  • Cable: Flexible PVC 60 shore Ø 6.40 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Electrical resistance: 74 Ohm/Km (conductor) @ 20°C
  • Electrical capacitance: 120 pF/m (conductor/shield) @ 1 KHz
  • Velocity of propagation: 80 %
  • Operating temperature: -20°C / +70°C
  • Working tension:
  • < 50 V AC
  • < 75 V DC
  • Weight: 44 Kg/Km
  • Minumum bending radius: 20 x cable section radius
  • Packaging: 100 m carton reel



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